What is the POD?

The POD is a browser based service that will provide you with access to Polaris industry code lists and Personal Lines EDI messages.

Making changes to codes

You can request a change to a code list here (you will need to be logged in to do so) by selecting "Standards" as the Subject and "Code List Change Request" as the Standards Enquiry.

The procedure we follow for code list change requests is detailed here.

Major amendments since launch


The POD has the following functionality:

  1. Platform and device agnostic, built using responsive design to allow use in different environments and on different devices - no need to install a separate application
  2. Intuitive easy navigation and search facility on any information
  3. Ability to list, view and print (including preview ability) the EDI message definitions and code lists
  4. Ability to look up information that is cross-referenced
  5. Flexible export facilities (compatible with MS Excel)
  6. PDF reports of the latest changes to the code lists and the ability to print them; and
  7. Links to existing documentation on the Polaris Resource Library (PRL) and elsewhere.
  8. An API for downloading code lists and EDI message definitions - please contact us if you are interested in this functionality.

Major amendments since launch

September 2020

  • Updates to set each code list to Personal Lines, Commercial Lines or both.

August 2020

  • The introduction of a Last Change Date for each code list value, including the ability to produce exports based upon the date.
  • The inclusion of the cross-referencing value in POD outputs and the Code Update export.
  • Display of code list PL & CL indicators.

December 2019

  • A large number of code lists and code list values were expired following a full review of code lists. The outcome of the review can be found here.

September 2019

  • Addition of the following to the Occupations list (code 55) - Boxer, Darts Player and Tennis Player.

April 2019

  • Removed code lists 3, Medical Condition, and 182, Medical Condition.

March 2019

  • Updated code list 0, Code List Directory, to reflect previous changes to code lists.

September 2018

  • Added cross referencing to code list 699, Breed, to indicate the Type of Animal, code list 412.

July 2018

  • Removed code list 9, Method Of Payment To Insurer.

May 2018

  • Introduced three new lists: 591 Premises Use, 592 Rent Funding, 593 External Cladding Material

January 2018

  • Introduction of a new codelist, 195 - Ownership/Use of Other Vehicle
  • Expiry of code list 18, and addition of a clarification note to the Birthplace Indicator (BPLI) element to say that it should always be populated with “B” to denote “unknown”.
  • Renaming Code List 0 as Code List Directory
  • Further clean up of the historical EDI messages and structure to improve searching of the database.

November 2017

  • Clean up of some of the historical EDI messages and structure to improve searching of the database.
  • The ability to export individual segments and elements (an additional option when a segment or element is chosen), and the ability to print a comparison report showing only items that have changed between releases.
  • Ability to compare messages across major releases - e.g. R4.1 and R5.5

October 2017

  • Ability to compare Segments as well as Messages, and to then view the Element differences
  • Clear highlighting of changes within versions (comparison reports) and highlighting of search terms
  • Print capabilities of comparisons of Message versions; and
  • Options to expand Tree View and view and print the Message hierarchy directly from that view.

The following expired or unused code lists were removed

  • 4 - Occupations
  • 12 - Vehicle Description
  • 14 - Driver Policy Status
  • 17 - Area Rating
  • 25 - Type of Contract
  • 29 - Motor Recovery Code
  • 30 - Cancellation Type
  • 33 - Voluntary Excess Type
  • 37 - Unspecified Trailers Legal Liability Cover
  • 57 - Code Entry Reason
  • 58 - Standards Authority Identity
  • 66 - Warning Reason Code
  • 68 - Field Code
  • 69 - Field Type
  • 88 - Standard Data Element
  • 120 - Mail List Action Codes
  • 122 - Mail List Report / Datafile Contents Code
  • 123 - Adjustment Indicator
  • 132 - Renewal Type Indicator
  • 155 - Reason For Underwriting Change
  • 156 - Message Status


Access to the POD is provided on a paid subscription basis, please contact us for further information.


The POD is updated and published every month. Updates take place on the 17th of the month, or the next working day should this be a bank holiday or weekend.

When you subscribe, Polaris will add your email address to our mailing list and notify you via email.