Polaris standards are a subscription based service. Subscribing to Commercial Lines or Personal Lines Standards provides users access to the following features:

Industry agreed standards
Polaris standards are developed through industry collaboration and provides stakeholders with agreed product specific set of standards which comprises of:

  • Industry business principles and process standards supporting full lifecycle from inception to cancellation
  • Data and messaging standards
  • Industry recognised code lists
  • Technical specification and user guides.

Wide use in distribution channels
Industry developed and widely used across broker channels by all major broker software houses, many insurer systems and internet solutions. It is also used by major price comparison websites for consumer facing risk capture data.

Regular updates
Provision of regular updates to standards to reflect regulatory impacts, market development and other industry initiatives.

Access to Polaris Resource Library (PRL)
Polaris provides one stop access to industry agreed standards, thought leadership papers, best practice guides which are developed based on our wide industry knowledge and industry relationship.

Participation in the Electronic Trading Practices Group (ETPG) and other working groups
Polaris facilitate ETPGs for both the Personal and Commercial Lines subscriber bases. These meet regularly, include representatives from insurers, software houses, brokers, comparison sites and industry bodies, and discuss all matters relating to digital trading. Additionally, working groups will be convened from time to time for discussion of specific issues.

Access to Polaris Online Database (POD)
The Polaris Online Database is used to publish the Personal Lines EDI messages and Polaris industry code lists. Polaris maintains and publishes over 350 of these code lists on behalf of the industry which covers data such as motoring convictions and business descriptions across both personal and commercial lines insurance.


Standards provide the foundation for efficient and effective e-trading. Irrespective of the industry or technology being used, without standards e-trading can prove expensive. The adoption of Polaris e-trading standards offers a number of benefits to industry participants:

Lower costs and improve speed to market
Developing industry standards allows our stakeholders to focus on building compatible business proposition and system solutions which reduces the development costs and improves their speed to market

Once and done
Standards enables you to build once and distribute the business proposition and products across multiple systems avoiding duplication of effort

Improve customer journey
Adopting data standards reduces the reliance on the customer using validated data to pre-populate risk capture details which improves the customer journey and enables insurers to provide accurate pricing

Support competition
By simplifying the common part of e-trading, standards provide focus on what differentiates competing products from each other without compromising competitive advantage

Reduce risk and margin for error
The adoption of standards reduces potential for error, particularly when data is shared between many organisations, with different systems solution in place.