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The e-trading Standards for UK personal and commercial lines insurance are developed and agreed together with the insurance community.

Our Standards are available on a subscription basis and include business process models and data standards for messages and code lists, technical specifications and industry guides to support those models.

Our Standards are used by brokers, insurers, software houses, data providers and other industry organisations. They allow for clear, consistent communication across the UK general insurance industry acting as a common “language” and providing the basis for interoperability between industry organisations and systems. The data Standards are dynamic, and any community member may request amendments.

Standards cover personal and commercial product lines and include:

  • Business process models and associated data requirements
  • Messaging standards covering New Business, Mid-Term Adjustments, Renewals and Cancellations
  • Industry code lists
  • Technical Specifications
  • Best practice guides
  • Documentation to support regulatory and industry initiatives

Commercial Lines

We develop, maintain and publish e-trading standards for the UK general insurance commercial lines business classes. These include commercial lines business process models and the supporting data standards that are used to facilitate the efficient transfer of information between brokers and insurers.

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Personal Lines

We develop, maintain and publish personal lines e-trading standards for the UK motor and household business classes. These include a personal lines business process model and supporting data standards to provide a framework that helps to facilitate the efficient transfer of information between brokers and insurers.

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Good Customer Outcomes

As brokers use our Commercial Lines Standards (via imarket) more, they have told us how important it is to be able to get the best and most consistent outcomes for their customers. To help brokers achieve this Polaris reviews imarket integrated broker systems, insurer’s imarket products and our Standards on a continuous basis. So far we have completed reviews of Property Owners, Tradesmen, Mini-fleet, Shop and Office.

We would like brokers to work with us to help validate our findings, so if you would like to be involved in improving the Polaris Standards, imarket, insurers products and your broker system, please contact us.

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Polaris Online Database (POD)

The Polaris industry code lists form part of the data standards. Polaris maintains and publishes over 350 of these code lists on behalf of the industry. They cover data such as motoring convictions, cover basis, trade codes etc. across both personal and commercial lines insurance.

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