Training Courses




Dates (2019-2020)

Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul
ProductWriter introduction 4 £1900
18-21 17-20 21-24 19-22 23-26 14-17
Mid Term Adjustments and other full cycle processes 1 £890 Arranged on request.

The price (exc. VAT) shown above is per person attending the course.
For more information on course content please contact us.

Scheduled courses are held at the CGI Bristol office, near the M4/M5 junction. If you have requirements for training of a larger group (4+) we can arrange to do this on-site. Please contact the Service Desk for more details.

If you require dates that are not on the schedule, or you are interested in attending a modular course covering specific parts of the ProductWriter Toolset please contact the Service Desk on 0845 456 1956 to discuss arrangements.

Please note that these dates are provisional and will be confirmed once a booking is made.


A wide range of consultants may provide ProductWriter support in the following areas:

  • Training
  • Projects and planning
  • Product building
  • MTA processing
  • Post-quote processing
  • Forms production
  • EDI implementation


ProductWriter consultants who can help with the areas above include:

CGI IT UK Ltd - Jason Potter 07808 275281
Datamated Limited - Spencer Wade 01379 687855
DTR-Ltd - Lee Dimmock 07866 550545 or Phil Sankey 07964 737050
Eclip-Sys Ltd - Dan Barnard 07497 693160
e-Zee Insurance Solutions Limited - Lawrence Caley 07889 369 229
F1 Computer System Ltd - Brian Grange 01924 500851
IQUO Ltd Denise King - 01329 220342
JKK Solutions Limited - James Kerry 07843394819
Line Contracts Ltd - George Bukowski 07974641067
Rating Resource - Martin Butterworth 07879992360
RTE Solutions Ltd - David Evans 07835 433 053

N.B. Polaris does not guarantee the work of developers. It is advised that references are taken before decisions are made about use of any developer for specific product building requirements.

RTE Integration

Support for integrating and optimising the RTE, the XRTE and the WSRTE is provided by CGI. Please contact Jason Potter at the telephone number above.

For further information regarding consultancy please do not hesitate to contact us.