Runtime Environment (RTE)

The Runtime Environment (RTE) is our established rating engine that allows you to deploy ProductWriter-defined products across multiple distribution channels. Its proven strong performance supports high volume broker and aggregator comparison services.


  • An established high-performance decision engine supporting thousands of complex quote decisions every second in the direct, intermediated and aggregated channels
  • Enables insurers, brokers, software houses and data solution providers to rapidly deliver products to market in a consistent electronic format
  • Can be used across a range of insurance products for commercial lines, personal lines and niche markets
  • References market developed data definition dictionaries that are maintained and updated monthly by Polaris
  • A black-box allowing you run products on any integrated system whilst protecting your intellectual property


  • Allows you to deploy products on to any integrated solution from over 80 product distributors across multiple distribution channels
  • Handles millions of transactions with rapid response times – making it ideal for broking, insurer systems and e-commerce
  • Enables you to create a centralised product rating and underwriting solution
  • You can be confident it will integrates into existing and new systems as it is already proven across a variety of systems and platforms
  • Continuously developed by and for its customers to reflect changing business needs