ProductWriter Toolset


  • Enables insurers, brokers, software houses and data solution providers to specify products in an electronic format and rapidly deliver them to market
  • Used across a range of insurance products for commercial lines, personal lines and niche markets
  • References market developed data definition dictionaries that are maintained and updated monthly by Polaris
  • Allows insurers to distribute products to any Polaris RTE integrated system, click here for a list of integrators
  • Allows you to distribute a product from a single source across multiple channels


  • Enables insurers to bring products to market rapidly and efficiently
  • Provides licensees with access to market developed data definition dictionaries, removing the need for you to build and maintain your own
  • Offers a once and done build, allowing you to deploy the same product across multiple distribution channels
  • Allows you to distribute products with complete confidence that your intellectual property is being protected
  • ProductWriter is subject to a continuous improvement programme, developed by and for its customers to reflect changing business needs