Case studies


"In selecting a rating engine for its online SME commercial offering, iPrism Underwriting Agency looked at a number of options. The eventual choice of Polaris ProductWriter and RTE was as much about the ProductWriter community as the core products. Both our technical and underwriting teams feel at home talking to like-minded people who are using ProductWriter/RTE and want to help bring innovative auto-rated products to market.

iPrism builds commercial SME products in a variety of sectors in ProductWriter and deploys them onto the various iPrism online portals.

We have a dedicated team of product developers liaising with our own underwriters and, in turn, with insurer development and test teams. We also call upon the experience of seasoned ProductWriter developers.

ProductWriter has allowed iPrism to leverage the experience of professional product developers and develop products using the industry standards, becoming part of its continued development."

Gary Burke, Chief Executive Officer, iPrism