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Our ProductWriter suite includes the ProductWriter Toolset (a sophisticated product definition tool), our Runtime Environment (RTE) (a high-performance rating engine) and uniquely a set of market developed dictionaries that define all objects and properties used across the industry.

Together, they calculate the price of insurance products and associated terms and conditions based on many variables and detailed risk analysis. Our ProductWriter suite has the power and flexibility to deliver thousands of complex pricing decisions every second. It also allows for the rapid change of products and pricing – enabling efficient and effective e-trading of insurance products all whilst protecting your IPR and therefore your competitive advantage.

ProductWriter Toolset

Our ProductWriter Toolset enables insurers, brokers, software houses and data solution providers to specify products in an electronic format and rapidly deliver them to market. It is used across a range of insurance products for commercial lines, personal lines and niche markets. Uniquely, it allows you to distribute your products to an integrated system while still protecting your product, underwriting and pricing IPRs.

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Runtime Environment (RTE)

The Runtime Environment (RTE) is our established rating engine that allows you to deploy ProductWriter-defined products across multiple distribution channels. Its proven strong performance supports high volume broker and aggregator comparison services.

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Training and Consultancy

Get your team up to speed with all the capabilities of ProductWriter with the ProductWriter training course. In need of a consultant? We have connections with many consultants who can help.

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