Salary:   Salary commensurate with experience
Location:   London - with occasional travel/working from other locations as agreed
Work Pattern:   Mon - Fri (7 hours/day)
Contract:   Permanent

Job Purpose

You are responsible for supporting Polaris’s sales & marketing activity. Designing, creating and maintaining Polaris marketing collateral and solutions by:

Duties & Outcomes

  1. Supporting the implementation of Polaris’ sales, marketing and account management function by managing solutions for the same, including:
    • Helping the Senior Marketing Analyst to maintain and develop the Salesforce platform and encouraging its adoption and use by all staff as required, including the provision of training.
    • Maintain and develop all aspects of the Polaris website, including devising and implementing strategies that increases its use and enabling Polaris staff to publish content and manage forums.
  2. Designing, creating and maintaining Polaris sales and marketing collateral including:
    • Product brochures and information sheets used in sales and marketing activities.
    • Ensuring all Polaris presentations, documentation and communications reflect the Polaris brand/marketing identity, including that produced by other Polaris staff.
    • Event stands, banners and marketing gifts.
    • Ensure stands, banners and collateral are delivered and installed correctly in a timely manner at marketing events.
  3. Account manage our sales and marketing solutions and collateral providers, including:
    • Regular meetings to review plans and performance.
    • Contract negotiations and budget spend (subject to authorisation).
    • SLA performance tracking and resolution.
    • Polaris project management of any development work.
    • ISO compliance.
  4. Ensuring all your written deliverables are accurate, well thought through, factual and of excellent quality before their final publication.
  5. Your responsibilities to other Polaris staff:
    • Always act as a positive role model for Polaris values.
    • Work with your fellow team members in a supportive, consistent and confident manner. Keep communication open, encourage staff to actively participate in team meetings or meetings with stakeholders, and treat their contributions with respect.
    • Support staff with their training and development needs e.g. coaching or mentoring.
    • Take an active role in the duty of care to yourself, your team, the office you work in and any visitors. Report any Health and Safety (H&S) concerns to the H&S representative.

We are looking for someone who:


Knowledge & Experience:


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