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With effect from the 1st of May 2018 Polaris will be moving the ProductWriter Helpdesk first-line support in-house.

This is based on feedback from clients who said they would prefer to use Polaris as their first port of call for ProductWriter, RTE and Dictionary enquiries. The new Polaris Helpdesk will continue to liaise with CGI, who will continue to provide second line support for technical queries.

ProductWriter Product Manager, Rakesh Krishnan said:
This move is in response to customer feedback and means we will be able to prioritise help-desk calls based on the specific issue a customer is facing and it will also allow us to produce improved statistics to help identify common issues and queries, which can then feed directly into future development plans. As well as ProductWriter being the marketing-leading product definition and rating solution, it will now come with customer support to match.

Please note the ProductWriter Helpdesk contact details from the 1st May 2018 are:

 Tel:       0207 265 5765
 Email:  operations.support@polarisplus.co.uk