• ProductWriter

Polaris is pleased to announce that the next release of its market leading ProductWriter Toolset and Run Time Environment (RTE) is now available!

Polaris’ Development Manager Rakesh Krishnan stated:

"We are pleased to announce the availability of r26.10 for ProductWriter. The ProdcutWriter toolset and RTE enhancements covered in this release complement the recently released r26.00 and provides our customers with improved functionality to define their product in an efficient and effective way. My personal thanks to our user community for providing us with all the feedback which has helped us to deliver this latest release."

The key features and benefits available through this release are provided below:

Table re-size support - Simplifies the maintenance and update process by automatically re-defining the table dimensions based on the underlying groups if the groups have changed.

Date Handling – Helps the user to identify date ranges, which have gaps or are nearing expiry, within date related controls. Provides support for date comparison in months and absolute date entry and comparison in a single statement.

Handling of unknown list values – The release will allow handling of ungrouped, not in list and not input values. It also allows for the testing of unknown values using both tci and tcix files.

Support for HTML in text tables - Provide the ability to format business text e.g. endorsement wording

Relative path in RTE - Allow the integrator to manage configurations using relative paths, rather than absolute paths, reducing errors and general maintenance effort

Extend Standard Objects – For users of the insurer extensions, allows the ability to extend the standard dictionary objects with bespoke properties rather than having to duplicate the standard dictionary structures and foreign keys.

More information can be found in the ProductWriter release note (login required). Please note that this version of the ProductWriter toolset has been designed to run on r26.10 of the Polaris Run Time Environment (RTE).

The ProductWriter r26.10 Toolset is available to download from here.

Please contact the Polaris Service Desk on 0845 456 1956 to obtain the password

If you have any questions, would like to discuss your upgrade plans or have any other suggestions for enhancements, please feel free to contact the Polaris Service Desk who will be pleased to help.