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Polaris is pleased to announce that the next release of its market leading ProductWriter Toolset is now available!

Polaris’ Development Manager Rakesh Krishnan stated:

"We are very pleased to announce the availability of r26.00 of our ProductWriter Toolset. The enhancements covered in this release were, as usual, driven by our customers and will continue to provide them with what they need to define their product in an efficient and effective way. My personal thanks to our user community for providing us with all the feedback which has helped us to deliver this latest release."

r26.00 introduces enhancements, which were identified by the user community including following key features:

Insurer Level Definition (ILD) - ILDs can now reference components of other ILDs. This enables modular based design of scheme components to allow greater re-use of components

User Defined Properties (UDP) Scheme Editor – UDP and User Defined Instances (UDI) have been updated following user feedback. This streamlines the monthly creation of UDPs across multiple schemes from a single CSV file

Installation Pre-requisite Checker - An installation pre-requisite checker and report generator will invoke when you upgrade and install the Toolset to verify system information against known issues such as DB2 and access rights. This should flag areas that may be an issue and avoid installation issues that have previously been reported to the service desk and provide valuable information

More information can be found in the PW release note (login required). Please note that this version of the ProductWriter toolset has been designed to run on r25.10 of the Polaris Run Time Environment (RTE). There is no associated r26.00 release of the RTE and no specific requirements for the data dictionary format.

The ProductWriter r26.00 Toolset is available to download from here.

** Please contact the Polaris Service Desk on 0845 456 1956 to obtain the password **

If you have any questions, would like to discuss your upgrade plans or have any other suggestions for enhancements, please feel free to contact the Polaris Service Desk who will be pleased to help.