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Polaris has been working with industry stakeholders to deliver a commercial e-trading Live-chat service that can be used by brokers using any imarket integrated broker system. It is supported by all imarket insurers.

Martin McLachlan, Polaris Managing Director said “The deployment of Live-chat for imarket is an important step and it will significantly improve a broker’s journey, enabling more of their business to be placed via their SWH platform”.

Deepak Soni, Director of Commercial Intermediary e-Trading, Axa added “At AXA we are committed to using Live-chat to help our partner brokers e-trade more business, more effectively and more efficiently. The addition of this functionality on imarket business will assist brokers to transact e-traded business more seamlessly”.

Acturis joint CEO Theo Duchen commented “This heralds the next stage of development for commercial lines e-trading. As we move into areas of greater complexity there is a clear need for recorded electronic dialogue as part of the e-trade process to provide clarity for brokers and insurers, yet retain the efficiency delivered through e-trade”.

What does the imarket Live-chat service do?

Basically it allows a lot more business to be e-traded. imarket Live-chat will allow brokers to initiate an online chat with an insurer underwriter in order to improve risk referrals and enquiries . This keeps more business in the e-trade environment and gives the broker an auditable record of the chat and any decisions or terms agreed.

Because insurers and SWHs have agreed to use the imarket Live-chat service, brokers will have the same customer journey for each insurer – and insurers will have the same Live-chat experience, irrespective of the broker or SWH it originates from. Polaris expects this to aid adoption of the service more quickly than insurers or SWHs deploying individual chat solutions.

When will Live-chat launch?

The first system to go live is Acturis on 24th October 2016 with SSP, Applied and Open GI following in early 2017.

Four imarket insurers, Allianz, Aviva, AXA and NIG, are supporting the launch with Ageas, QBE and RSA to go live as the roll-out gathers momentum.