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Smartdriverclub Insurance has recently invested in ProductWriter to manage their telematics products.

Telematics is a service that many insurers offer as a way for drivers and insurers to measure how well an individual drives. Use of telematics allows insurers to understand individual driver behaviour, reward good driving and provide others with incentives to improve their performance.

Smartdriverclub Insurance is a champion of the individual driver. With the support of main investor CalAmp, they have this year selected ProductWriter as their tool to build telematics products.

Martin McLachlan, Managing Director of Polaris said: “I am delighted that Smartdriverclub Insurance have taken ProductWriter up to support their telematics business. This demonstrates ProductWriter's versatility as a rating definition tool and the ability for it to keep pace with the changing dynamics of the market.

Elizabeth Kittreidge, Club Operations Manager at Smartdriverclub Insurance, also added: “With industry competition being so fierce, our investment in ProductWriter was a step in the right direction. The benefits ProductWriter provides by being able to quickly implement changes as often as we need to, further demonstrates our commitment to our customers. We are looking forward to working with Polaris in the future.

If you are interested in ProductWriter and would like to find out more, please head over to the ProductWriter page.

If you are already a ProductWriter customer and would like to discuss how to make the most of the tool-set, including any suggestions you may have for enhancements, please Contact Us.