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Polaris is pleased to announce that the next release of its market leading ProductWriter Suite of software is now available!

Polaris’ Managing Director Martin McLachlan commented “We are very pleased to announce the latest release of ProductWriter. The enhancements included are, as usual, driven entirely by our customers and help to ensure the ProductWriter product definition suite and the RTE continue to provide our customers with what they need to compete in an increasingly competitive market. I’d like to personally extend my thanks to our customers and all those who have helped us to deliver this latest release…and of course it is worth mentioning that r25 is already in the process of being developed”.

ProductWriter r24 brings new and improved features to both the ProductWriter Toolset and the Run Time Environment (RTE).

ProductWriter r24 updates include:

  • improved speed to product updates
  • simpler and more flexible batch testing
  • wider testing coverage
  • improved rating engine performance
  • greater change visibility and management
  • wider choice of RTE platform

More information can be found here or in the full PW release note and RTE release note.

The ProductWriter Toolset and RTE r24 are available to download from here.
Please contact the Polaris service desk on 0845 456 1956 to obtain the password.
If you have any questions, would like to discuss your upgrade plans or have any other suggestions for enhancements, please feel free to contact the Polaris Service Desk who will be pleased to help.