What happens if Polaris UK Ltd ceases trading?

The Escrow Agreement is an arrangement with an external body to help safeguard your future use of ProductWriter in certain circumstances if Polaris were to cease trading.

All licensees who have signed up to the agreement will be able to access the relevant Polaris software from the National Computer Centre (NCC) under the Escrow arrangement.

Polaris is required to lodge the source code of every new release of ProductWriter with the NCC immediately after its distribution.

Should you wish to take advantage of this arrangement, you should contact the Polaris Service Desk in the first instance. Polaris will then contact NCC to confirm your license details prior to NCC contacting you directly with all relevant details. Contacts details are provided below.

Please note that the NCC may charge you a fee for this service.

Polaris Service Desk
Tel: 0845 456 1956
Email: [email protected]