What are the Hardware/Software requirements for the ProductWriter Toolset?


Component Recommended
Ram As recommended for operating system
Hard Disk Drive 100GB+
Display Minimum Resolution 1024×768


Component Recommended
Operating System Windows 10
Database IBM DB2 Express-C Edition 11.1.0
IBM DB2 Express-C Edition 10.5.0
IBM DB2 Express-C Edition 9.7.0
Please contact the Polaris service desk if you have difficulty obtaining the appropriate version.
Applications To support the import/export of various files to ProductWriter, we recommend the following software:
Spreadsheet : Microsoft Excel (2007 or compatible)
Word Processor : Microsoft Word (2003 onwards)
PDF Viewer: Adobe Reader 6.0 or later
Note: ProductWriter will continue to support the import/export to/from earlier versions of Excel through the existing CSV format.
To support the ProductWriter Repository and report generation the Crystal Reports v13 and MS SQL Server 2016 Express are required