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Welcome to Polaris

Polaris U.K. Ltd is owned and managed by the UK general insurance industry and exists to improve the efficiency and reduce the costs of transacting insurance business for insurers and intermediaries.

Improving the efficiency and reducing the
costs of transacting business for
insurers and intermediaries.

More about Polaris
ProductWriter - PW
ProductWriter software provides a suite of facilities enabling the rapid development of insurance products and an environment in which such products can be sold and serviced easily via a variety of channels - e.g. brokers’ software packages, service centres, branches, call centres, the internet and extranets.


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Standards - S

Working with the insurance community and other standard bodies where appropriate, Polaris provides both business process and data standards to support improvements in market effectiveness.



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imarket = im

imarket is the UK general insurance industry portal. It is an electronic trading platform, linking intermediaries and insurers, to enable them to trade more efficiently and cost-effectively in a secure online environment.




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